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 Forbidden city
 Summer Palace
 Tian  Anmen Square
 Temple of Heaven
 Lama Temple
 Badaling GreatWall
 MuTianyu GreatWall

 Simatai GreatWall
 JinShanling GreatWall
 Silk Store
 Sunday Morning Market
 Hu Tong Tour
 Drum Tower
 Great Bell Temple
 Beijing Zoo
 Evadeheat Palace
 Rural Tour
 Eastern Qing Tomb

 Western Qing Tomb

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Beijing is an ancient city with a 3000-year history. Since the opening of China to foreign visitors, many have discovered its exotic and mysterious beauty. Many visitors, coming to China for the first time, find it difficult to arrange their trip to Beijing. It is especially difficult if they are looking for a flexible, in-depth tour of Beijing and surrounding areas.

I invite you to contact me, Robinson Li, for your tour arrangements. I listen to what you want for your sightseeing tour and I arrange your tour according to what you want from your Beijing experience. I was born and raised in Beijing, so I have a good knowledge of the historical sites. I also have a good command of the English language. I can offer suggestions and guidance. My services come at a reasonable price for the high quality service I provide. I have many foreign and Chinese customers that are a testimony to the service I provide. I am also experienced with providing services to the business traveler here in Beijing.

Please contact me to discuss your sightseeing and/or business needs. I would welcome the opportunity to treat you as an emperor or empress. Don't miss this opportunity to see Beijing from the privacy of a comfortable car with information provided by a local Beijing tour guide with over 20 years experience!